ABS Brakes: Service and Repairs in Hillsboro, OR

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The brakes in your vehicle are one of the most important systems to keep in good condition. Sometimes your ABS brakes require repair, replacement, or you may need to resurface rotors to get you back on the road driving safely. Learn more about ABS brakes, including the signs that you require a brake inspection below.

What Are ABS Brakes?

ABS brakes refer to an anti-lock braking system, which is the mechanism in your car that engages in emergency situations, allowing you to sustain command of your car. When you’re navigating the road during adverse weather, anti-lock brakes can save your life and the life of your passengers. Instead of having your front or rear brakes lock up when you abruptly slam on your brakes, ABS brakes work to brake and release within seconds, which keeps your vehicle from veering out of control.

This process can be imitated manually, by pumping your brakes when you notice your vehicle is sliding over a slippery surface. Though most vehicles are equipped with ABS brakes today, it’s important you understand the kind of brakes your vehicle has, so you know how to navigate a potentially dangerous situation when you’re out driving on the road.

What Are Common ABS Brake Problems and Symptoms?

When your ABS system isn’t working properly, you may notice one or all of the symptoms below. It’s important you get a brake inspection right away if you notice any of the following:

Your Brake Pedal Stops Responding

This experience is frightening, and you should immediately stop driving and call a brake service that can help you determine the service needed for correction. This is usually a gradual process, so be mindful of the following symptoms as well.

You’re Pushing Harder on Your Brakes

When your ABS system is functioning optimally, you should only require light pressure on your brake pedal. If you notice you’re having to push harder, this is a symptom that alerts you of a possible issue with the ABS module.

Your ABS Light Turns On

This is an obvious alert that should not go ignored.

Your Brakes Start Locking

If you notice erratic brake performance when braking normally, this is a common sign that your ABS system requires repair.

How Much Does Brake Repair Cost?

The total cost for brake repair depends on what your vehicle needs. But you can expect to pay anywhere from $75.00 for brake pad replacement and upwards of $750.00 if you require an entire brake job. To know what you need, choose a brake inspection service you trust, who prioritizes your safety, and who can help you understand which components of your brake system require repair.

When you choose Z’s Car Care, you get a team that carefully inspects, checks the operation of, and accurately measures the thickness of your brake pads and rotors. We also perform rotor resurfacing with on-the-vehicle brake lathe, which significantly reduces the time your car is in the shop. In addition, we check to ensure your rotors are true to the hub of your vehicle.

To secure your safety on the road, we only use quality parts and always perform road tests after installation. We’re here to help. Contact us today!

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