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Antifreeze: Winter Weather Protection for Your Car

Antifreeze: Winter Weather Protection for Your Car

31 Dec Antifreeze: Winter Weather Protection for Your Car Invest in protection for your car this winter and schedule a cooling system service with your local auto shop. They will ensure your car heater and defroster are working correctly for winter driving, which is vital as the temperatures continue to drop. The service technician will also check for coolant leaks and inspect the quality of your antifreeze. Winter DrivingWinter driving creates unique challenges for your vehicle. One way to protect your car in winter weather is to flush & refill the antifreeze in the cooling system every 30,000-60,000 miles.Antifreeze vs. CoolantIs there a difference between antifreeze and coolant? Technically, yes, there is a difference. Antifreeze is an undiluted chemical solution. It may be composed of ethylene glycol (an organ ... read more


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