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Does Your Car Need New Spark Plugs?

Does Your Car Need New Spark Plugs?

04 Feb Does Your Car Need New Spark Plugs? Sometimes, car troubles can sneak up on us. An occasional engine misfire and a rough engine idle don’t seem that urgent. But when you notice poor fuel economy as well, you should have your spark plugs inspected. Below are some faulty spark plug warning signs to watch for and some benefits of new spark plugs. What Are Spark Plugs?Spark plugs are small automotive parts that screw into the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine. Combustion engines create power by compressing a mixture of air and gasoline, then exploding the mixture via ignition. First, the spark plugs draw power from the car battery through the ignition coil and distributor. Then they convert that electrical energy into a spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture. Finally, the spark plugs help remove excess heat from the combustion chamber to the vehicle’s cooling system ... read more


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