The New Year is in motion and it’s time for your factory scheduled maintenance!

ZCC-Happy New Year 2020

It’s 2020! The New Year is in motion and it’s time for your factory scheduled maintenance!

Time goes by so quickly. I got to thinking, there are so many things being scheduled in the New Year. You know – planned ahead. We would never consider missing the big game, that great annual camping trip, those special birthdays, anniversaries and graduations, those precious ball games our kids are in. We go to work every day like clockwork, pick up the kids, take them here, take them there. All on a planned schedule. A time carved out solely for that activity.

What about your vehicle? Whether it be your Toyota Camry sedan or your Ford truck that hauls you around with your most precious loved ones, what makes all of your other daily activities possible is that precious vehicle. So has a factory scheduled maintenance made it onto your 2020 schedule?

Your vehicles absolutely need to be scheduled in for a factory scheduled maintenance, just like your routine dentist appointments, annual physicals for you and your kids, and even your pets! Your vehicle is your largest piece of mechanical and electrical investment– and it needs regular service to keep performing and be dependable. That factory scheduled maintenance keeps an eye out for potential issues, and always costs less than break downs.

What would happen if your ride quit before it got you and your family to where you were going? This never happens at a “good” time – there is no “good” time. It messes with your nicely laid out schedule, your stress level, and those surprise expenses can be hard to work out.
Let us help you keep your vehicles on the road – on schedule — getting you where you need to go. We can take care of any make and model from American, Japanese, and even Korean Imports. Get your vehicles in for a factory scheduled maintenance. We will help you take great care of that major part of your life. We can plan out the rest. Call us today for an appointment 503-648-3552.

Your Team at Z’s Car Care,
Delbert, Gina, Dean, Mike and Eric

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