NAPA Warranty

If your car is under NAPA warranty, then head over to Z’s Car Care so we can get started on repairs.

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As you continue to operate your vehicle, there’ll come a time when specific components must either be repaired or replaced. If your car is under the NAPA warranty, you’ll need a NAPA-certified auto shop to service your vehicle.

If you require auto services, head straight to Z’s Car Care. We are one of the many NAPA AutoCare Centers guaranteed to give you the best auto repair services in Oregon. Contact us today, so we can start working on your car immediately!

Why You Need a NAPA Warranty

If you’re going to have unexpected maintenance or repair done on your vehicle, it’s best that you have the expenses covered. With a NAPA warranty, you can expect the following:
NAPA has been recognized as the leader in auto part distribution and repair for decades. Regardless of what vehicle type you own, NAPA guarantees that it will be serviced professionally and quickly.

NAPA promises you top-quality services and parts at reasonable pricing. If you’re under warranty, all parts and labor services are covered for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

There are thousands of NAPA AutoCare Centers all over the nation. So even if you’re experiencing car issues as you’re traveling, there’s bound to be a nearby NAPA-certified shop that can service your vehicle.
If you require warranty service within a 25-mile radius of your original location, you may contact NAPA AutoCare Warranty Administrator at 800-452-NAPA (6272). For warranty service within a 25-mile radius of your original repair location, please get in touch with your original repairing location for service.

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