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The standard cooling system comprises the thermostat, thermo-time switch, water pump, electric cooling fan, radiator, and hoses. These components work together to reduce your engine’s temperature and prevent it from overheating.

To do that, these components move coolant around your engine to absorb and dispel heat. Neglecting your radiator can cause leaks, inefficient coolant distribution, and other problems that can lead to multiple problems. Overheating is a common result, along with severe engine damage, and complete engine failure.

Here at Z’s Car Care, we work with motorists like you to ensure your radiator works as advertised. We conduct flush intervals—recommended every two years or every 30,000 to 50,000 miles—and other care services to prevent overheating and other complications. Trust our certified mechanics to take care of your radiator, and keep your car in top condition.

Signs Your Radiator Needs Repair

As mentioned, your car’s radiator is crucial to keeping your vehicle cool. It’s responsible for regulating your engine’s temperature and preventing it from overheating. However, like any other part of your vehicle, it can experience issues and require repair.

Here are some signs that your radiator may need repair:

Your engine running hot and constantly overheating are strong indicators that your radiator may be failing. Neglecting these signs can cause its components to expand and warp, resulting in damage to the cylinder head, pistons, and other vital parts.
A puddle of coolant underneath your car or noticing a sweet smell coming from your engine could be a sign of leaks. Leaking coolant can cause your engine to overheat and should be addressed immediately.
If your coolant has changed color, it could indicate that your radiator has corrosion or rust inside it. If your coolant appears oily or discolored, it is time to have your radiator inspected by a professional.
Look out for physical damage to your radiator, such as dents, cracks, or leaks. Any visible damage to your radiator can lead to coolant leaks and cause your engine to overheat.
Consistent low coolant levels indicate a leak someplace in the system. Possible causes include damaged or worn-out hose, cracked radiator, or malfunctioning water pump.

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Z’s Car Care is the best auto repair shop to trust for all your radiator repair and service needs. Here’s why:

1. Over 35 Years of Successful Operation

Z's Car Care has a proven track record of repairing and maintaining vehicles from various brands. We have over three decades of experience working on vehicles, so you have the assurance that we can help you keep your car running like new!

2. Reliable Drop-Off/Pickup Services

Our team understands the inconvenience that comes with vehicle downtime. So, we're here to take a weight off your shoulders. If you don't have the time, we'll be the ones to pick up your car and deliver it back after finishing the necessary services.

3. Complimentary Services

If you plan to wait at our shop, you can take advantage of our complimentary services. We'll provide you with access to our Wi-Fi and coffee or water. Feel free to tell us how we can assist you while you wait.

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What our clients say about us

Billie Buxton
from google review
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I really like this business. It was easy to schedule an appointment and my car was ready faster than expected. The guys are really friendly and always do a nice job. They never try to sell me a bunch of work my car doesn’t need.
Jeffs Lair
from google review
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Z’s is under new ownership but the excellent quality I had before is still in full swing. They diagnosed my vehicle problem and found the right parts and fixed it all with less than a 24 hour turnaround. No easy feat considering the vehicle is 27 years old.
Sara Nielsen
from google review
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The best car care we’ve ever received! We have taken two of our cars in to Z’s, one for a repair and the other for troubleshooting. Customer care was incredible! They quickly and very reasonably fixed our first car (while communicating with us throughout the day) and assisted us with figuring out the issue with our second car at no charge. We won’t be taking our cars anywhere else!
Nancy “Naanii” Burgess
from google review
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We have only used Zs as our mechanic for all of our vehicles since our first cars back in the 80's. These guys really know there stuff, and we are always quite satisfied with their service and thriftiness. Great service and fair prices. Wouldn't even consider anyone else to work on our cars. Thank you Delbert! 🙂
Raven S.
from google review
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My family and I have been taking our vehicles to Z's Car Care for 21 yrs now. Everything from a 1964 Ford Pickup to a 2014 Honda Civic Coupe, and they have always been able to handle whatever problem it has been. Knowledgeable, very well priced and beyond both of these trust worthy. And the staff and owners are an absolute joy to work with, a repair shop you can always count on.
Matt Buckingham
from google review
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I depend on Z's for all my car care needs. They do great work and keep careful records, so if you can't remember the last time you had a brake job, they can look it up for you. Also, if a part they sell fails while still under warranty, they will tell you that, too. I simply won't let anybody else touch my car.
Gz Expat
from google review
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I've been a customer of Z's for well over 10 years and everything I have taken there has been explained thoroughly and repaired correctly. The few times in which parts that have been replaced that don't work properly, Delbert and team stand by their work and repair or replace on warranty, free of charge. Z's is really the only place you want to take any of your vehicles. Honest assessments and repair... And they stand behind it all.
Dino Biaggi
from google review
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Very prompt, professional, thorough and honest. That's probably the best combination one wants in looking for a car repair/service company. My wife and I had a pre-purchase inspection done with them and we were well pleased. We purchased the vehicle.
GARY Deatherage
from google review
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Absolutely the best customer service I've received in more years than I can remember. Sent step-sons truck there to get ready for the drive to his next duty station, after 3yrs on Okinawa. Gave a great discount for his military service, plus delivered back to my house, since I'd had surgery and was not able to drive it. Truly wonderful people and great mechanics.