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Common Vehicle Issues

From driving to work to taking that much-needed vacation, we all need our vehicles to be in proper working order. Staying on top of our vehicle means less stress, less expensive repairs, and even less time missed from work or family. That being said, it’s vital to take care of vehicle services by a trusted professional. When looking for outstanding auto service, then Z’s Car Care in Hillsboro OR is the place to call. No matter what is wrong with a vehicle, they have the auto repair services that drivers can count on. But to understand when cars need service, it’s important to understand the common auto issues out there. Keep reading to learn more about some common vehicle problems that lead to needing repair service.

Vehicle Warning Lights

Your dash is full of warning lights.  Whether minor or extreme, these warnings are there for a reason–and if one of these warning lights came on, get the vehicle to the service center quickly to limit the damage done to the vehicle. While the check engine light is the most common in regards to this issue, it’s very possible to see other lights as well. Be sure to have the vehicle checked out quickly if any of these lights make an appearance.  Z’s Car Care can run a Check Engine Light scan free of charge any time during our business hours.

Dead Battery

Ever tried to turn on the car, only to notice nothing happens? While this issue isn’t always the cause, the problem usually stems from a dead battery. This is a very common issue that most people have dealt with. However, the starting and charging system should also be tested.  A problem within this system can cause a brand new battery to get drained down enough to not start your vehicle.  If you notice any slow starting issues, get your vehicle in to see Z’s Car Care in Hillsboro.

Poor Fuel Economy

Another car issue we see is poor fuel economy. When car engines are working correctly, fuel is burned at a rate that helps to actually improve fuel economy. But when certain parts wear down or break, a drop in fuel economy is a tell-tale sign that the vehicle needs some proper care. Talk to your trusted mechanic at Z’s Car Care about your vehicle’s fuel mileage.  From the quality of gas, driving habits, and fuel filters to air filters, many things have an effect on a car’s fuel economy. Taking the car to the auto shop is the best solution for fixing this issue.

Z’s Car Care is Here to Help!

No matter what the vehicle issue is, Z’s Car Care in Hilsboro OR can provide fast and professional auto repair service. They have repaired thousands of vehicles effectively and specialize in top-notch customer service at every turn. Furthermore, they are proud to offer affordable prices to get cars back on the road in no time. Contact Z’s Car Care in Hilsboro OR today at (503) 648-3552.

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