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When you are driving, your brakes are the first line of defense. If they are not working properly, you can easily become involved in a serious accident. That’s why you should head to Z’s Car Care for brake service as soon as you notice a possible problem.

Signs of Trouble

Do your brakes squeal when you stop at a drive-thru window? Do you have to push down harder on the brake pedal at a traffic light than you used to? Those are clear signs that you need to have your brakes inspected for problems. And if your ABS light comes on, don’t consider it a polite suggestion from the manufacturer. In all of these instances, you need to have your brakes looked at by a professional as soon as possible. Brake failures cause serious or even fatal accidents every single day.

Z’s Car Care Brake Service

Z’s Car Care in Hillsboro, Oregon, offers specialized brake services that keep you safe while you are on the road. They provide fast, affordable repairs that you can rely on.

Brake Pads

Motorists must be aware of worn brake pads. This problem results from the brake pads rubbing on the brake disc or rotor, the action that causes your car to stop. All pads eventually wear down, leading to less efficient braking and that squealing sound you hear when they are at the replace point.  If you ride the brake pedal or frequently drive on steep roads, your brake pads will need to be changed more frequently. Have one of our experts at Z’s Car Care inspect your brakes to determine if your vehicle needs new brake pads. If so, the great team of mechanics will quickly install them for you.


Your brake rotors can warp, particularly if you’ve been driving on worn out brake pads, or you ride the brake pedal. When this issue occurs, you may feel a shimmy or grab when you step on the brake pedal. Z’s can often turn your rotors and stop the problem. In some cases, the rotors will be too damaged to turn, and will need replacement.  Z’s can do that for you as well.

Your vehicle can develop a number of brake issues, and Z’s Car Care has the expertise to handle them all. For more information, contact Z’s Car Care in Hillsboro, Oregon, at (503) 648-3552. Call today and get your brakes back into shape.

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